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Tridentine Mass vs. Vatican II Mass


   Notice that in Tridentine Mass. A beautiful manifestation of faith toward an unknown God. The priest is facing towards the cross. The cross symbolizing an unknown God. This God did choose this priest to manifest Him on this planet earth.
This priest IS a mediator between people standing behind him and theirs God. They need a such mediator. Because in chores of daily live they have no time to gave themselves totally to their God. Their priest, their mediator has a proper so call calling and education that could get his people closer to God.

Notice that in Vatican II Mass, priest back is turned to the cross, he no longer represents a priest that is chosen by The God our Creator to represent Us.

Vatican II Mass glorify Us, the creation, but not The God our Creator.

Seems like The God our Creator became some sort of a glorified friend only.

What else they have in mind. Perhaps Vatican III. Well, then church will become a library.

 Now, according to a book by Marie Carre - AA-1025 The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle:

Page 108:

..." Thus, to begin with, it is to be noted that the priest who offers the Sacrifice turns his back to the public and seems to speak directly to an Invisible blue God, a God nevertheless represented by the large crucifix facing him.

This priest is therefore the one chosen by God and, at the same time, the representative of the people who look at him. He gives an impression of strength, but also of separation.

It will be good to make the parishioners feel that they are lost, too much isolated, somewhat abandoned, and that they would be very happy if the priest would get nearer to them.

When this idea will have sufficiently progressed, we will suggest the possibility of abandoning the high altar and of replacing it by a small table, completely bare, where the priest will stand facing the people.

Moreover, the part of the cult which properly concerns the Eucharist and which requires this table, shall be shortened as much as possible, and the part concerning the teaching of the Word of God noticeably increased. It is well known that Catholics are shockingly ignorant of the Bible, so this modification of the Mass will appear justified to them.

I do not say that they will be happy to listen to long extracts from the Bible, for very often they will understand nothing, but it is not necessary for them to understand, at least not until truly Socialist priests will have been trained."...

This desire of a look and feel of an altar as described by an AA-1025 Anti-Apostle, is shockingly similar to what can be seen in so call Vatican II altar, or a freemason altar.


My link to a link: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle



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