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' Live Your Truth: Do Not Seek or Do Not Take Advantage of Each Other;
Always Seek Mutual Consent with One Another ...

' In This World only Counts: The ' True Good Will ', The Good Karma;
and it Will carry the fruits of its works to the next life ... '

The union of a Soul with Spirit, in a Form ( flesh ); produces Consciousness ( The Son aspect ).

Esoteric Christianity as it appears before and after 5th century AD; NON Biblical writings!

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My Pleroma-Universe

Reincarnation and the Veil of Forgetting

   It has been put forward that in a Plan of our Logos,  the evolution of souls is accelerated using the so-called veil of forgetting. Coming into incarnation the soul has no memory of previous incarnations. Being aware of multiple lives would prove the existence of soul, and thereby eliminate the leap of faith which requires that there be no proof of Diety. As these lives are  veiled, the mind/body/spirit complex i.e. person, is transformed, by belief, derived from experience and thought, over multiple lifetimes, by karma, in which gains and losses through intention and desire occur, and by the choice of faith, which rewards the believer for actions which are not fruitful in the material sense. By dedication to purpose, and so to polarize towards that choice of service, to self or to others, the entity refines the metal of the soul.
If this veil of forgetting were not in place, the being might simply be unmoving, contented, knowing the ever present unity with Diety. Karmic debt from error would be avoided, who would make such a choice? No striving, since catalyst and circumstance would not be sought or encountered; no polarity, since the dark side would be obvious illusion. Importantly, faith would be weak, as the one who never knows blindness appreciates vision less, compared to him/her who lived in darkness and then finds light.
What is it about faith and freewill, that is so essential, that the whole of the material reality would be wrought to ensure it? Supposedly, in the less ornate arcana blueprint before this one, the pattern consisted of fewer stations, and was found to be less effective at accelerating the souls evolution. Much of the catalyst and experience of this illusion/reality is geared toward the transformative freewill choice of service. What would it be like without this veil, certainly daunting would be the consideration of how far the soul has to travel in order to evolve, were it aware of truth beyond our limited sight.
To me, this suggests the sublimity of the Plan of Diety, the scope and love for all creation, the light which is created out of love and freewill. Organized, Everpresent, All That Is, good, bad and indifferent, in Whom nothing is lost or unloved. The usual disclaimer applies here, in that Freemasonry rejects dogma, and invites skepticism, consider what is useful from these ideas and leave behind what doesn't resonate.


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... The Logos-Wisdom ...

" The Logos-Wisdom is the principle of all Divine and Esoteric Revelations. She has the characteristics of being the indwelling revealer of God. She IS the active principle and the transmitter of all Divine knowledge as well the cosmological cause of all creation. "

Our Souls have a "Free-Will", just as we have it.
Forcefully sending massive numbers of Souls back home is very dangerous.
If the Souls start refusing to incarnate in our world. Therefore stop importing good, loving energy to this planet earth.
This earth would become animal like; beastie, dog eat dog, barren, bleak and lifeless.
A loving Soul consciousness would vanish from this earth.
The lobbyists of many governments are working towards the same goal; of one religion, one power hungry government,
having as a long term agenda, contrary to " true good will ", contrary to good Karma, wanting to; eliminate 93% of earth's population, see: Depopulation.


 Think for yourself and do not quickly accept ideas. Test all things; hold fast what is good. (1 Thes. 5:21) 

 If you have enemies, each has a Soul, as you do. 

 " Love your enemies " 

 " By their fruits you will recognize them" (Matt.7:15-16) " 

" Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. " --Robert A. Heinlein

" I know that I know nothing, --bogdan "
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